Reflection for May 2023

King of Kings

On Saturday 6th May, the Coronation of King Charles lll will take place. A weekend of pomp and pageantry, ceremony and celebrity. For some, this will be a joy as they look forward to the reign of a new monarch, for me it will be the third monarch on the throne, born a Georgian, and spent most of my life as an Elizabethan, what am I now?  Who said a right Charlie?

Although I greatly admired the late Queen like many others, I am not a royalist and have no particular political allegiance. All I want and work for is fairness for all, and respect for people, sharing our differences and diversity for the greater good.

I try to follow the Master and walk in His footsteps, hopefully bringing joy to others, but it is not easy as my humanity makes me stumble so much. I always want better, but I am learning to enjoy the journey along the way.

 Our new king, Charles III, will have no easy path, following on from his mother, but he has his own path to carve out, and in a very different world to the one we have grown up in. Hopefully he will be able to unite our diverse country with its many cultures and religions.

Writing this we have just celebrated Easter when Jesus rose from the dead conquering sin and death, not for Himself but for all humanity. We also look forward to that time when Jesus will fully rule over all the nations and every knee will bow, and every tongue confess that Jesus is Lord.   What a celebration that will be!

So, as we celebrate our new king this year it is good to reflect that he is king of this country, but like us he is still under the rule and reign of the King of Kings.

Keith Emmerson