Reflection for April 2024



As this Reflection will be going out over the Easter weekend it seemed appropriate to focus our thoughts on two major aspects of our faith - the death and resurrection of Jesus.


What does the Cross mean to you?

the crossTo Jesus it meant pain, suffering and death. To us it represents Jesus dying in the most horrendous fashion so our sins might be forgiven. Jesus died in the most humiliating and public demonstration of his humanity. Jesus was born a human, but was also fully God. He had lived a perfect life and was without sin, yet He was found guilty of what to the Jewish authorities was a capital offence - claiming to be the Son of God. They persuaded the Roman Governor, Pontius Pilate, to put Jesus to death by crucifixion. So when I see a Christian Cross I remember what Jesus went through for me, and for you. He died that my sins might be forgiven, the one true sacrifice. And I say, ‘Thank you Jesus’. We remember that without Good Friday there would be no Easter Sunday, but death could not hold our Lord and Saviour. He was removed from the Cross and placed in a tomb which had a heavy stone rolled over its entrance. Soldiers were even sent to guard it because the Jews remembered Jesus had said he would rise again; and they wanted to prevent that happening at all costs. This deception would be worse than the first, claiming that He was the Son of God.



the tombOn the third day Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome went to the tomb. (The list of which women went to the tomb varies slightly in the four Gospel accounts). They found the stone had been rolled away. They discovered that the tomb was empty. Angels appeared to them and reminded them that Jesus had said He would be crucified and would rise again, and would go before them to Galilee. The women obeyed and told the disciples, who also found this difficult to believe. Peter and John ran to the tomb and found it empty. Jesus had risen from the dead - hallelujah! Uniquely among faiths, Christians worship a Living God. Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection He sent the third person of the Trinity, the Holy Spirit, to be with us and live in us. If you believe in Jesus, love Him and obey what He commands, Jesus sends the Holy Spirit, another counsellor to be with us forever, the ‘Spirit of Truth’. God does not leave those who believe in and follow His Son on their own. He provides us with the Holy Spirit to be with us and live in us, to walk with us and to teach us the truth - John 14:15-31. Now don’t you think that is something to celebrate?

Happy Easter!