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Outreach - international community

Emmaus aims to make a difference in the wider community by supporting a variety of charities


Emmaus Church supports inHope, a Bristol-based charity reliant on voluntary donations and committed volunteers. They work in partnership with individuals, churches, community groups and companies to deliver the life-impacting work with our homeless and vulnerable clients.


Please see their website for more information


inHope | Bristol Charity for People Who Are Homeless & Vulnerable


We are a food bank collection point for the Bristol North West Food Bank.

Link to Bristol North West Foodbank


Mission to Seafarers work at ports to bring care, help and support to the many seafarers who work on the ships transporting consumer goods around the world.


Emmaus supports Steve Loader who works at Portbury and Avonmouth Docks.  Many people in the church and village knit hats, scarves and gloves which Steve can give to the seafarers to keep warm out at sea.  

Link to SeaFarers Mission


Bristol International Student Centre is based in Clifton and creates a home away from home to overseas students at Bristol University and UWE from all backgrounds.  They offer meals, support and trips.


Once a year, usually in May, we host one of the trips, when up to 40 students arrive on the train for a guided walk around the village followed by lunch.

Link to BISC


Open Doors supports Christians who are suffering because of their faith. It is active in over 50 countries, supplying Bibles, leadership training and Bible-based literacy programmes.

Link to Open Doors


Started back in 1991 by Peter and Jenny Andrews, the Rwanda Orphans Project supports around 500 orphans in the capital city of Rwanda, Kigali through a sponsorship scheme.  They also run training schools to teach practical skills that can be used to support themselves in the future.

We sponsor Jean Claude (aged 14) and Venerra (aged 22).


In 2010 and 2016, people from Emmaus went to visit the work that is being done by the project in Rwanda  and to meet the children sponsored through the church and individual church members.

More information visit www.rwandaorphansproject.org.uk

‘Education India’ goes into Christian mission schools, in India, by invitation. They provide quality training for Indian teachers.Education India  

The charity offers schools, training seminars and discussions, to promote active learning and excellent teaching.  

We speak of our love for Jesus where appropriate.

Often, we areprivileged to pray with individuals. Indian groupEmmaus supports Dave Cheeseman, a trustee of Education India, who lives in Bristol and has lived and worked in India, with rural Dalit communities. He specialises in school development but also responds to needs as they arise, such as the COVID pandemic, working with charities in India to provide support to the poorest people.

Link to education india:


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